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Pharma & Healthcare

Healthcare industry is undergoing the tremendous market shifts then it had ever before. Increased government regulation, e-Business challenges, Rising patient expectations, chronic economic pressure, stiff competition, managed care are driving healthcare industry to overhaul their business strategy and process.

There's no doubt that ACS makes a difference in quality of care.

ACS offers innovative business and Technology Consulting solutions for hospitals, health systems and other provider organizations, as well as insurance companies, managed care organizations and governmental payers.

Application Management

Claims Auditing
e-business HIPPA Compliance

Data Warehousing

Migration from legacy system

Data Mining

Database Management

Medical record privacy, extensive regulations, Patient information privacy protection, stringent standards.. Are you ready for it?

HIPPA Compliance

For compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulated entities must securely store, maintain and transmit private health information (PHI). ACS provides end-to-end services to enable healthcare organizations to meet the requirements of HIPAA.


ACS understands Pharma business challenges and committed to deliver exceptional technology solutions for the Pharma industry. We help you to reengineer your manufacturing, order processing, and customer service and distribution process. ACS leverages its rich inheritance and substantial technology base and experience to offer a truly unique value proposition for its clients. By, we provide unparalleled customized solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry.