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Banking, Financial Service & Insurance

ACS's success in the financial industry is based on a clear vision of what our clients need to increase their market share, profits and productivity and our ability to deliver proven results.

The financial services industries have grown tremendously in past two decades, spawning many challenges and rising through a competitive edge. Deregulation forced banks to be more competitive and enter into entire gamut of services including retail, investor and wholesale services.

ACS understands the banking requirement and we are committed to address the unique needs of banks. ACS brings you the competitive advantage with the following objective:

To satisfy new regulatory environment (privacy, accounting and so on)

To improve business process

To improve customer quality through IT

ACS's buffet of financial service consists of domain experts, technical consultants and business analysts who have been proved to establish the excellence in service by addressing specific pain areas in the industry.

The biggest challenge what Insurance Industry is facing today is all about managing relationships with customers and ramping up technology investment to offer customers more and better products and services tailored to their specific needs, and doing it all cheaper then before. Many insurers find it difficult to manage their relationship with customers because their system tracks policies, contracts and claims, rather then individuals. ACS helps for complete management reducing costs and increasing efficiecies. We adhere to all your needs and help you in the management of the folowing:-

New Business Acquisition Billing

Policy Administration

Claims Administration Treasury Management
Agency Administration Loan Administration
Patients' Records Regulation and reporting E-transformation